Posted: Nov 07, 2022 1:43 am
by Regina
Azaghal wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:
Azaghal wrote:Purveyors of woke media are unusually salty about their highly successful projects:

Sorry, you will need to speak in English to me as I don't know what you're gibbering witlessly about.

"Woke" is a pretty recently coined adjective, which is something you should get used to, because that's how any living language works in general. If you want things to just stay the way they were in the past, and it seems like you're coming from a British English background, I think it's worth pointing out that Early Modern English as was spoken in, say, Shakespeare's time, was done so with an accent closer to typical US American or Canadian English of today, and then in the 19th century Brits for some reason started talking funny all of a sudden.

But what does a student of linguistics know about such things?

Wot? Somebody flipped a switch and Brits changed their accent? All of them? And in what way?
You do know that accents are regional and formed by class, don‘t you?