Posted: Nov 07, 2022 2:41 am
by Greg the Grouper
Azaghal wrote:
Greg the Grouper wrote:
Azaghal wrote:
Greg the Grouper wrote:You're expecting people to act like annoying bullshit isn't annoying.

We're talking about celebrities in many many multi-million dollar productions here. I'll put it this way: it's easy to see famous actors charging large amounts of money for autographs as "greedy" and perhaps to some extent it is. But I thought about it and it's maybe also like the idea of congestion pricing in traffic. It would be really cool if Sigourney Weaver showed up near where I live and I could get her autograph but I might be discouraged by having to pay through the nose for it. But if no one had to pay the fee, there would be a 300-mile-long line of fans waiting, most of whom would have to go home empty-handed at the end of the night.

The point is, these are people who get tons and tons and tons of attention, wanted, maybe not ideal at the moment, or just otherwise. They can and, really, have to select what attention they respond to in any really meaningful way. As such, obsessing over "trolls" doesn't suggest that the potentially worldwide series you're involved is really doing so well.

I like how they're obsessing over trolls because trolls are annoying and they reacted to an annoyance like literally anyone would.

There are two possibilities here:

  • They have a big bug up their asses about fedora-wearing alt-right KKK Nazi skinhead neckbeards stuffing chicken tendies down their gullets and just "trolling"—no, these people are not purveying dogshit; it's all just insincere "trolling"—and feel an intense need to obsess over said "trolls"
  • OOOOOR the tried and failed formula of shoehorning identity politics into everything has been tried and is failing AGAIN and they need to blame a tiny cranky imagined minority for said failure

Surely it couldn't be that a bunch of people were being annoying, and they got annoyed as a result!

Look, I gotta go to sleep, alright? Try not to delve too far into this frankly stupid conspiracism.