Posted: Nov 07, 2022 3:12 am
by Azaghal
Spearthrower wrote:
Greg the Grouper wrote:
Surely it couldn't be that a bunch of people were being annoying, and they got annoyed as a result!

Look, I gotta go to sleep, alright? Try not to delve too far into this frankly stupid conspiracism.

Look... some people are upset, ok, so you need to know about it and validate their feelies! Oh and that fucking woke mob, amirite?

Now wait just a minute! We're not really dealing with a "woke mob" at this point. We're just dealing with woke whining. Here is true "woke mob" material:

And anyone can feel free to piss and moan "but the Daily Mail!" but the fact remains that during this RIOT, the windows of the Louisville Public Library building shown were busted out and a flare was tossed in, that all the books might go up in flames for great justice. That's how you know you're really on the right side of all things: when it's time to try to incinerate books in the name of all that is good and true.

Ultimately I think this all had to do with a violent career criminal speedballing himself into an early grave and vocally predicting his imminent death two-and-a-half solid minutes before the Knee of Doom® was planted on his shoulder blade (as opposed to the neck—do NOT believe your lying eyes, much less your ears) but, again, we are not talking about a mob, just a bunch of very whiny individuals.