Posted: Nov 07, 2022 4:43 am
by Azaghal
A little more detail on what I just said about half-an-hour ago:

Netflix actually gave this blatant softcore "cheese pizza" film the green light and of course the 3.5/10 average rating on IMDb is just from a bunch of alt-right trolls who know they are on the losing side.

I've seen unbelievable amounts of naïveté here: people actually believe that a company justly compared to THIS below (scroll up and/or click back to refresh your memory about how Amazon loves us so as to gift us with paramedics from near-Death Valley conditions) gives a good Goddamn about whatever social justice objectives you might have in mind?

News flash: they're just stupid. And you're naïve.

I'm a big fan of the overall idea of machine learning and the like playing a bigger role in our society but boy, oh boy, am I not very happy about how it's actually turning out.