Posted: Nov 07, 2022 6:26 am
by Azaghal
This thread is dogshit but it still just now gave me a little silver lining of Tolkien and, rather than my supposed slavish imitation of all he wrote, a little taste of him giving us a—no pun intended—"last ditch" sense of Orcs being a bit more than mere vicious animals:

‘No, I don’t know,’ said Gorbag’s voice. ‘The messages go through quicker than anything could fly, as a rule. But I don’t enquire how it’s done. Safest not to. Grr! Those Nazgûl give me the creeps. And they skin the body off you as soon as look at you, and leave you all cold in the dark on the other side. But He likes ’em; they’re His favourites nowadays, so it’s no use grumbling. I tell you, it’s no game serving down in the city.’

‘You should try being up here with Shelob for company,’ said Shagrat.

‘I’d like to try somewhere where there’s none of ’em. But the war’s on now, and when that’s over things may be easier.’

‘It’s going well, they say.’

‘They would,’ grunted Gorbag. ‘We’ll see. But anyway, if it does go well, there should be a lot more room. What d’you say? – if we get a chance, you and me’ll slip off and set up somewhere on our own with a few trusty lads, somewhere where there’s good loot nice and handy, and no big bosses.’

‘Ah!’ said Shagrat. ‘Like old times.’

Honestly, these guys with their actual citations of what they have to say make me want to play tabletop role-playing and strategy games. In an oddly cheerful way, they're actually very sort of likable. I still want to read Brutal Kunnin' (a Warhammer 40K novel written entirely from the point of view of Orks) the whole way through by 'oomies but until that happens I'll be satisfied with puzzling over why 'oomies just ain't logical.