Posted: Nov 08, 2022 2:40 pm
by Azaghal
Spearthrower wrote:
Azaghal wrote:What can be done is extrapolating how he might react from known biographical details about the man, rather than what Spearthrower did, which was projecting his own psychological characteristics onto Tolkien.

Which empirically did not happen in the slightest as can be seen by what I actually wrote

OK. Why would Tolkien like RoP?

Spearthrower wrote:You have an obsession with obsessions, doncha?

No, just pointing out that you'd be seen as making a better case if you would talk more about non-cock-related subjects and making "NO U" responses when encouraged to do so.

Spearthrower wrote:Pretend that actual evidence should be dismissed on the grounds of evidence-free declarations about conspiracy theories, while expecting others to find your mate Dave from down the pub's opinion to be perceived as gospel.

Except that Business Insider for example isn't "my mate Dave from the pub" and, honestly, neither is reviewer Nerdrotic.

Spearthrower wrote:Writing a sentence that states the opposite, claims that the very source you keep ignoring or trying to explain away is in fact telling us the exact contrary to what it clearly says is beyond disingenuous, but is entirely to form.

Nielsen's numbers also show a decline in viewership with each episode, which is why Amazon has had a bug up their ass about them. You'd think they would have had more ink to spill on their flagship series in the Q3 report besides the recycled figure from Jennifer Salke, from three weeks earlier, about "bro trust me bro we're about to crack 100 million viewers bro" but it appears they don't really have all that much to trumpet about. That would go a long way towards explaining all the deleted YouTube comments and IMDb reviews. I'm not saying any of this to dissuade you from ceasing to be so smug and up your own ass about the subject matter; as in a number of past instances I've experienced, that part comes a bit later. And boy is it funny!