Posted: Nov 08, 2022 3:16 pm
by Spearthrower
Azaghal wrote:
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Which empirically did not happen in the slightest as can be seen by what I actually wrote

OK. Why would Tolkien like RoP?

Uh how about you read what I already wrote and you supposedly replied to? ... l#p2792474

"I think Tolkien would love to see his work continue to mean something to future generation"

Which would be fine except that "his work" ≠ RoP.

You didn't manage to read the whole thing, did ya?

Almost like you explicitly ignored the remainder just to be an arse! :)

I think Tolkien would love to see his work continue to mean something to future generations - it was, after all, an emulation of a mythic cultural narrative, and mythic cultural narratives survive the eons by being retold in a way that resonates with current generations.

Azaghal wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:I'll talk about what I like, when I like, but thanks for your kind suggestions.

Well I guess continuing to make creepy, perverted remarks is always an option.

Just as you continuing to stroke yourself off in public remains an option, but one that will continue to be commented on with revulsion.

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Azaghal wrote:Except that Business Insider, for example, doesn't present any evidence that supports your repeated claim that RoP is 'bombing'.


(Look everyone! It's Mary Sue Galadriel!)


Look everyone! GOSSIP! Look at the speculation and innuendo - aren't they more fun that the boring old evidence which completely contradicts my repeated assertions?

Azaghal wrote:...and this is coming from a mainstream news article written by someone who claimed that any griping about black Dwarves being needlessly shoehorned into the series despite their two bases in Tolkien's work is just motivated by "racism".

"This' being nothing at all in support of anything you've claimed - yes, we can read.

Azaghal wrote:I can guarantee that season 2 is going to be even funnier than the current shitshow.

Because the guarantees of someone willfully ignoring facts and chanting their false wish-thinking like a mantra are worth a wazz.