Posted: Nov 08, 2022 3:41 pm
by Greg the Grouper
Azaghal wrote:There were a lot of eyeballs on lady Ghostbusters too. It still ended up bombing, which is also what's going to happen to RoP if it can't reap well over 1 billion USD worth of revenue.

Okay, real talk: how does this make any sense? With Ghostbusters, you had to go buy a ticket, buy the movie, or rent it on some platform. There's a very clear line there between how much the movie makes and how many people see it.

Rings of Power is on Amazon's platform. People just need a subscription to see it - a subscription they might have for multiple reasons. So how do we determine what Rings of Power does and doesn't earn, when what any given person pays for to see it is something they could be paying for for any number of alternative reasons?