Posted: Nov 09, 2022 4:49 am
by Spearthrower
Azaghal wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:Because inductive fallacy.

We're now hitting the level of pseudo-intellectualism where an inevitable fact of life is a damnable fallacy.

An inevitable fact of life that one must be aware of so as not to fall down one's own navel.

For all I know, the "people" you refer to in your little launch into nonsense to distract from your last nonsensical statement amounts to 2 individuals, and of course, there's no logical or substantive reason to connect them to me.

Perhaps ironically, such people have often been some of the most conformist people I've ever met.

Maybe, for example, those 'people' were missionaries.

I can't really answer to a stupid argument of nonsensical induction... all it amounts to is you saying 'here's the limit of my experience, so you must conform to it' - no, chap, no.

Rather, your silly attempt at declaring me sentimentally attached to a political position such that I surround myself with like-minded people clearly fails to address the fact that I have lived the majority of my life surrounded by people quite significantly unlike myself.

But again, what are facts really to you? They're just inconveniences to the fundamentalist narrative, aren't they?

Azaghal wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:And your evidence for this claim seems to have been forgotten while you launched into more distraction.

No, your beloved Nielsen numbers said that the viewership of RoP dropped, and dropped again, and dropped yet more, in such a way that each next stage was a multiple of the one before. That's an exponential decline as stated.

My 'beloved' numbers, otherwise known throughout the industry as a credible source (you appear to be unsure whether you want them to be acknowledged as credible or not, depending on which side of your mouth you're speaking from) clearly show that RoP is the 3rd watched streamed series, and you continue to fail to address this objective fact while continuing to assert the contrary is true despite having nothing at all to support it.