Posted: Sep 06, 2010 1:54 am
by Mac_Guffin
I can see why people hate Predator 2, but I liked it. In a sequel, you're most likely never going to make something as good as the original, so you might as well up the ante and have fun with the franchise, which is what it did. It included more Predators, gave them more screen time, and put them in a new environment.
Movies like Armageddon and ID4 are good for what they're supposed to be. They're action/popcorn movies. I have no idea what critics are expecting when they go into these movies, but the trailers should give them a clue that they're not seeing anything more than a fun Hollywood movie.
American Pie was pretty good/funny. It was outrageous but realistic. the characters remind you of people you know or of yourself... at least at that age.