Posted: Sep 06, 2010 2:25 am
by Jbags

Yeah ok it had some fairly awful scenes. But man I love this film! The David vs Goliath fight scene where you think the short guy gets his arse handed to him, but you know he's holding something back and them BAM! cuts the guy's head off...awesome. The most ridiculous scene, without a doubt, was the fireside language montage where the main guy apparently learns their entire language over the course of an evening, allowing the rest of the film to be purely shot in English. Yeah ok, the language thing had to be dealt with but that was just so awful. But this is a film I'm always up for rewatching.

I loved Medicine Man as well, I think I'm just a sucker for anything made by John McTiernan (before the 00's, come on really, Rollerball? Original wiped the floor with that remake. Basic? God now that really was shite...)


Loved it! (Yes it had its awful bits but bugger me if it wasn't just brilliantly enjoyable!)
And although I liked SG-1, I thought the film was much better :shifty:


We've had one Aliens film mentioned in this thread already, but I confess I'm a big Alien Resurrection fan :grin: