Posted: Sep 06, 2010 3:01 am
by Jbags
Mac_Guffin wrote:Stargate was good... but I find the whole pyramid building "mystery" that the film exploits kind of funny.

Absolutely, that's one of the things I most enjoyed. "Aliens built the pyramids" is such a hilariously bad conspiracy theory, that getting it space-camped-up in Stargate was the best possible treatment for it. (Yeah sure mate, aliens built the pyramids, and they hide giant spacegates right? So Kurt Russell can teleport nukes onto the alien mothership right?)

It does highlight an interesting film mechanic as well, if you want to travel through time or space for a film's setting, it doesn't matter which you use to achieve that aim (go lightyears through space, and "find" a civilization in whatever time setting you like OR travel through time and find a civilization alien enough for your liking).