Posted: Sep 06, 2010 3:31 am
by Jbags
They're certainly films you have to immerse yourself in. They're more epic in nature than Goodfellas and the like as well; Scorsese is all about gritty realism, and capturing those incredibly intense moments and emptions and he does it brilliantly, whereas Coppola's films are much more focused on maintaining an epic arcing narrative, the performances of the central cast being the jewels in the tapestry.

I love I & II (I'm afraid Spinozasgalt I don't share your opinion about Sofia Coppola, I thought she was terrible in part III, but I'm thankful she turned out to be a better director than an actress :D), but I don't expect everyone to love them. Taste is a subjective thing, and I'm often surprised when people are shocked when they find someone who didn't like the Godfather series. They just aren't to everyone's tastes. They are to mine, and as such, I shall enjoy them :D