Posted: Sep 06, 2010 12:49 pm
by NineOneFour
Underworld (Rotten Tomatoes 30%). Love, love that movie.

Underworld Evolution (Rotten Tomatoes 15%). Not as good as the original, but quite liked it. Of course, the prequel sucked donkey balls (and inexplicably has the highest rating of all three on Rotten Tomatoes, 32%, which proves that Rotten Tomatoes isn't worth the bandwidth).

The aforementioned Thirteenth Warrior (33%) a retelling of Beowulf by noted author and later douchebag Michael Chrichton.

Evolution (42%): scientifically stupid and yet totally hilarious to me, partially because it was filmed in Northern Arizona and the main character is a community college professor and I used to be a community college professor in Northern Arizona. The characters show that at least one of the authors knows the area, because several stereotypical asshole citizens straight out of reality show up. Top it off with Dan Ackroyd as an incompetent and self-serving Arizona governor (who is probably less incompetent and self-serving than any of the actual governors Arizona has had since 1979, Jane Hull notwithstanding).

XXX (48%). Okay, the plot is flimsy, but no flimsier than a regular James Bond movie, and Vin Diesel's character is quite amusing. Good stuff if you just want an action flick. I really hope the 2012 sequel happens to make up for the wretched State of the Union "sequel" that sucked armadillo dick.

Chronicles of Riddick (29%). Another Vin Diesel vehicle (yeah, sue me, I like the guy) that also makes not a lot of sense if you haven't watched the prequel Pitch Black. I thought it was fantastic though. It was probably over everyone's head, though.