Posted: Sep 07, 2010 5:21 pm
by dalv8409
I don't mind the new episodes to be honest, even the bad episodes can make me laugh cause it is laughter on how bad the episode is. Put yourself in the writers shoes for a minute, when a TV show regardless of what genre has been around for years it does get difficult for the writers to come up with new, sure you can get new writers on board but you will only end up bringing back the old writers at some point. As long as people buy the merchanise and want more episodes then the more episodes will be made. Animated shows are different from live action cause in a live action show the actors age along with the characters but with an animated show that doesn't happen so that is why animated shows generally have more episodes then live action shows do.
Also when a TV show has been on the air for a long time many fans think they own the show and think they can tell the writers what to do thinking they know what is best for the show, but the truth is it is the writers (along with the producers and the show runners) who know what is best for the show and sometimes you will get many bad episodes (maybe they do that on purpose) and then all of the sudden you will get good new episodes.