Posted: Apr 13, 2012 4:38 am
by Durro
Welcome to the formal debate on the subject, "Gay marriage should not be legalised in society".

Lion IRC will be arguing in the affirmative.
Crocodile Gandhi will be arguing in the negative.

The debate will consist of :-

* Introduction of no more than 500 words each
* 3 main debate posts of up to 1500 words each excluding diagrams, tables, images, etc.
(Videos specifically excluded from debate)
* 5 question Q&A interrogatory prior to concluding remarks :
* Conclusion of no more than 500 words each

The participants will have a 3 day post turnaround (72 hours to submission deadline) from their opponent's last post. The Debate Mod will review and approve/address submitted posts within 24 hours of their submission.

Moderation will be by Durro.

A post-debate poll will be conducted to gauge the quality and persuasiveness of the debate. A separate comments thread is located here. This thread is only for the participants to post in and any other posts submitted will not be approved.

I wish both participants well and I look forward to a productive, mature debate on the issues.

Lion IRC has been invited to make the opening for the affirmative side.