Posted: May 02, 2012 10:44 am
by Crocodile Gandhi
Lion IRC wrote:Q & A Round


My first question to Crocodile Gandhi relates to the notion of “Marriage Equality”.
Does 21st century matrimonial law - in Australia or throughout human society in general - have any good reason or reasons, in your view, to discriminate against bisexual or transgender polygamous marriage (MMF, MMM, FFM, MFFF, etc.) in favor of monogamous marriage?
Yes or No.


My first question to Lion is:

If, as you have argued, some individuals' freedoms should be restricted due to statistics pertaining to a group to which they belong, do you believe that it should be made illegal for any Catholic priest to work with children due to incidences of child-abuse which occur at the hands of the clergy as a whole? And If not, why not?