Posted: May 09, 2012 3:13 am
by Lion IRC
Crocodile Gandhi wrote:
Q. Hypothetically, if the majority of the world's population did support gay marriage, should it then be legalised?

Just Yes or No please Lion.

Hypothetically”, if the majority of the world’s population wanted legal gay marriage and everything which “hypothetically” comes with that, guess what they would have already “hypothetically” done and “hypothetically” there would be simply
no need therefore to legislate it into “hypothetical” existence.

I would be happy to give single, unqualified, one word answers but your question was based on words like “should” and “hypothetically”. It’s a question open to wide interpretation by me and any answer open misinterpretation by you.
(Let's be fair to the readers!) :cheers:

Hypothetically, the world’s population in the future might consist of people whose definition of “marriage” is radically different to both yours and mine and we might BOTH oppose their intentions. Lion IRC and Crocodile Gandhi teaming up to fight against the forces of….you get the idea.

In the spirit of amicable dialogue and so that you don’t feel your question was a waste of time, let me also answer a simpler form of the question…in one word.

”Would Lion IRC still think same-sex marriage should be illegal even if a majority of jurisdictions around the world, democratic or otherwise, already permitted it?”