Posted: May 09, 2012 3:15 am
by Lion IRC
Q & A Round

Q. 4

My next question relates to the definition of marriage and why the State specifically decides to formally regulate
the function of a concept called “marriage,” (because of its ostensible connection to the stability of the family unit,)
but it does not EQUALLY do so for ordinary platonic or romantic friendships.

From the point of view of the State, I can’t think of any secular or civil difference between;

A) The same-sex marriage you envisage as being equally worthy of legalization and regulation by the State.


B) An ordinary, romantic association or friendship which the secular State effectively ignores as inconsequential to the otherwise vested interests of the State.

Could you please list a few perhaps? Two or three substantial differences would be enough. If they are rationally objective rather than subjective - based on anecdotes from your gay “friends and acquaintances” - that would be even better! :cheers: