Posted: May 14, 2012 8:25 am
by Lion IRC

Q. 5

My last question of the round is about bigotry. And it’s a question arising from my despair at how people, who take the position I do in debates like these, are so quickly and so frequently dismissed as nothing but homophobes and in the case of same sex marriage proponents who are atheists, the additional charge labeled against me is that my opposition to same sex marriage (and adoption) is solely based on religion.

Now I don’t regard myself as homophobic. And although the Moderators, thankfully, have allowed my posts to proceed (presumably in compliance with this forum’s strict policy and rigorous Moderation to preventing homophobic content,) I would like to ask if you could give a personal opinion about the degree to which my posts thus far have been or otherwise NOT been overtly “homophobic” in nature.

Perhaps you could let me know if you thought I was camouflaging some hidden hatred too well for you to identify any specific examples or maybe you think I was accidentally saying stuff you think reflects homophobia or maybe you actually wish to come out and make a formal accusation with an example.

That’s my invitation and my question.