Posted: May 17, 2012 6:46 am
by Lion IRC
Crocodile Gandhi wrote:Q. If He was to answer you and say that gay marriage is ok, would you support same-sex marriage in spite of all of the arguments that you have presented? Yes or no please.

Come on Crocodile Gandhi.

If you want a yes or no answer, don’t ask loaded, ambiguous, hypothetical, Euthyphro dilemma questions. I’m happy to give a one word answer but you’re an atheist and your question implies the actual existence of God.

God can’t say gay marriage is OK unless He exists.

Am I supposed to accept that God has changed His mind? Would I be allowed to haggle with God? Should I be cautious in case it should happen to be satan saying that rather than God? What if hearing God say that altered my entire theology leading me to think that God had abdicated His moral leadership and was no longer the sort of God anyone should take seriously?)

I mean come on…let's be fair to the readers! :cheers:

Besides, you’re not playing fair against me either. In my opening post I said “…I am a biblical theist and regard God as ultimate law-giver, in this debate I will NOT be using...”because God” as an Argumentum ad Baculum.”

Now you are doing EXACTLY that - using a commandment from God as an argumentum ad baculum against ME!

But in the spirit of amicable dialogue and so that you don’t feel your question was a waste of time, let me again answer a less ambiguous form of the question…in one word.

If I genuinely believed that I was hearing the authoritative voice of the God of Abraham instructing me that (irrespective of what He had previously said,) I was to trust Him as Lord and henceforth publicly support gay marriage for the simple reason that I had been told to, then in one word – YES - I would obey God.