Posted: Aug 13, 2013 8:07 pm
by Calilasseia
The protagonists in this formal debate will consider the question "Can Christianity Be Rationally Defended?," with willhud9 arguing the affirmative and Byron arguing the negative.

The debate will conform to the following format, as agreed by both participants.

  1. An introductory post from each participant, consisting of < 501 words.
  2. Five primary position posts each, on five agreed key points of Christianity: God, miracles, the resurrection of Jesus, the reliability of the Bible, and salvation heaven/hell, consisting of < 2626 words.
  3. Five posts each for rebuttal, in which the participants will be invited to address their antagonist's previous remarks, consisting of < 2626 words.
  4. One concluding post each, consisting of <2626 words.
  5. Replies must be posted within five days. An extension of a further five day may apply but only if agreed by both participants in advance.

A debate comment thread has been made available for the purpose of observer commentary: Peanut Gallery: Can Christianity Be Rationally Defended?.

Participants in the debate are expressly forbidden from posting to the commentary thread until the debate is concluded. Only willhud9 and Byron will be permitted to post to this thread - members who post here will have their comments deleted. Additionally, the usual terms and conditions of the Forum Users' Agreement apply throughout the debate.

willhud9 will post first and the debaters will then post alternately. I now invite willhud9 to post his opening remarks.