Posted: Nov 10, 2013 5:12 am
by willhud9
My closing remarks:

When I set out on this debate sojourn my goal was not to prove Christianity, but to rationally defend it. The difference between proving something and defending something is I think key in this debate. My opponent has in many places shown why my defense is not a proof of anything. But I feel I have both uniquely and intelligently defended Christianity with rational premises.

In relation to God, I set out to not jump straight into Christianity, but take a circumvent route to show the plausibility of a deity was not out of the realm of rationality and then zoomed in to why the God of Christianity is also plausible. I then brought the discussion to miracles including the Resurrection to discuss the mechanisms in which that God could be at work. The Bible was not so much a discussion about God per se more so than than a reality that most of the knowledge of God comes from the Bible and that the books can be rationally viewed. The final piece on salvation was to show that even a belief in the afterlife is not so irrational as many believe.

My opponent has been quick to refute my claims as being anti-protestant, anti-Catholic, anti-Orthodox, etc. and he would be correct. I was going to outline orthodox Christianity. But then I realized there is a lot about the various denominations that I do find irrational. Not the fault of the religion, but of the dogma attached to it. I set out to eliminate that dogma to rationally defend Christianity, instead of embracing the dogma that serves to keep Christianity in a sense of irrational perception, I challenged it in a manner which allowed me to use it.

Was my argument fool proof? No and I didn't plan for it to be. Is my argument rational? I do believe so.

I would like to thank, Byron who has been a gracious, well mannered, and intelligent opponent, and friend.

I would like to thank the Moderators, especially THWOTH, their allowance of this debate and for managing our posts.

and finally I would like to thank those who watched this debate and participated in our peanut gallery which I hope once Byron and I can join the discussion might come to life again.

Thank you Rational Skepticism. This concludes my end of the debate.