Posted: May 16, 2010 7:53 pm
A formal debate between members jerome and campermon

Debate topic: "Existence of ghosts & apparitions"

Following this argument:
"Some Ghost cases may represent discarnate consciousness or the remote operation of a living human consciousness"

Defender: jerome
Contender: campermon

  1. Debaters to follow the forum rules at all times.
  2. Only the two participants can make posts in the topic, a seperate thread for comments is available here
  3. Formal debate rules & guidelines (currently WIP)

Agreed Conditions for this Debate:
  • 10 posts per party maximum. (May be decreased by agreement through the course of the debate.)
  • Opening post (1st post each) 1000 words maximum including quotations.
  • 2nd post each maximum 5000 words including quotations;
  • Posts 3-10 3000 words maximum including quotations;
  • 7 day window for follow up posts (eg One party posts Monday, the other party must respond by same time following Monday)

Member jerome to make the first post, in defence of the title claim.