Posted: May 17, 2010 8:58 pm
by campermon
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“Boo Hoo!” is how I must start this debate, for inevitably Jerome will win…...if this debate is to be judged solely on writing style. However, it is not and in my favour I have 400 years of critical thinking and peer reviewed scientific evidence to draw upon as my weapons in debate! But more of that later.

First of all I’d like to explain why I have been drawn to this debate and for that we need to go back in time (to the 1980’s) when Campermon was but a pimply teenager, a ‘Camperboy’ if you will, and not the handsome, erudite fellow you see before you in the avatar ;) . It so happened that one school term I had to produce a project on ‘any’ topic for my English teacher. At the time, I had a passing interest in ghosts (what schoolboy doesn’t?) and naturally decided to write a topic about it. I soon discovered that the subject of ghosts and apparitions was huge and quickly decided to narrow it down to the specific case of Borley Rectory. Interest soon became fascination as I read of the (alleged) goings on at the rectory and the daring deeds of Harry Price in his pursuit of the truth. And thus began my love affair with the paranormal.

Over the next year or so, armed with my trusty library card (do people still use libraries?), I gorged on anything ‘paranormal’, virtually haunting those magical shelves marked 130-139 ( ... psychology ) lapping it all up, from ESP to witchcraft. At this point I must mention that I have always (as far as I can remember) been an atheist, or at least agnostic and have always had a ‘naturalistic’ outlook on the way things are. This did not protect me from, as what happened to be, quite a life changing experience. For want of a better term, I got seriously ‘creeped out’ one night whilst in bed. In the darkened room whilst staring at the patterned bedroom curtains, with a mind full of dewey decimal 130+ , I quite clearly saw the devil.

Now, to say that such an experience ‘shit me up’ is quite an understatement. I was absolutely terrified. But this was not the life changing event. That followed the hasty exit from my chambers to the living room downstairs. And there I sat and thought and rationalized about what had happened. In front of the fire I sat alone (all were asleep) and examined my hunger for section 130+ in the library. I then understood that my insatiable appetite for answers would remain unsated if I were to continue my studies in this area. I also understood the power of the mind to conjure untruths.

And what was the outcome of this blood chilling experience on the pimply young Campermon? Well he found another avenue of study which gave vastly more satisfying answers; Physics!

But enough of the life and adventures of Campermon for now! (although I may have opportunity to tell the tale of how three physics undergraduates got seriously spooked on a camping expedition at Hadrians Wall…).

Now to the subject of ghosts. I agree with Jerome; ghosts do indeed exist. Throughout history and across cultures there are countless reports of ghostly phenomena. This is indisputable. What is at dispute is what are ghosts?

Do ghosts exist as independent objective entities (“discarnate consciousness”)?

Is it possible that ghostly phenomena are due to the “remote operation of a living human consciousness”?

My answer to both these questions being; In all probability, no!

In arguing for these explanations Jerome has set himself the herculean task of providing evidence that

1) any consciousness can exist without a physical substrate
2) any living human consciousness can operate remotely.

It is my position that ghosts are a manifestation in arguably the most complex object in the universe i.e. the human brain, an object we are only just beginning to understand. It is here where we will find the answers.

Having said that, I look forward dissecting the scientific peer reviewed evidence that Jerome will put forward to support his arguments. ;)

To finish with a quote;

Randy Ping wrote:I am a soldier for science!