Posted: Apr 06, 2010 8:14 am
by redwhine
Jain wrote:Hi redwine!!!! Long time no see!!!

True. I hope Mr. Jain and the Jainettes (not forgetting yourself, of course) are all well, and recovering from the chocolate overdose.

July is rapidly approaching, when a certain Scotsman will be invading us English (William Wallace-like; "FREEDOM!"). I'll come down to the meeting if I'm able (and the M1 roadworks allow). Be nice to see you both :dance: (my hair will be needing a cut by then! :naughty2: )

Jain wrote:Hope you dont mind me posting this here, I just think its an amazing picture!!

No problem! It's not "my" thread. I just make sure it doesn't die. Other contributions are always welcome (and yes, it is rather good).