Posted: Mar 04, 2010 12:56 pm
by klazmon
Made of Stars wrote:The credits list Dietmar has 'Processing' rather than 'Acquisition'. :scratch:

Here's the full credit from the stargazer observatory site:

Stagazer Observatory wrote:Image acquisition by Torsten Grossmann; image-processing by Stargazer-Observatory.
Date: Summer 2009 - seeing 6-(7)/10; transp. 8/10
Scope: 7" TMB Apo f/7
CCD: Sbig 4020: 2,0 hours - luminance (10x12 min 1x1 binned) + synthetic lum drawn from RGB; 2.25 hours R,G,B (45 min each channel 2x2 binned. (dark calibration for RGB only, no flats)
Software: CCD Soft image acqu. guiding. Maxim DL CCD Stackpreprocessing

Processing: postprocess. PS CS4, Registax and Pix InSight LE

Looks like they didn't use the 9" TMB folded refractor for this image but rather a 7" TMB APO, which I think is the middle sized one of Dietmar's three refractors, or maybe Torsten has one in his own observatory.. I presume they are saying that Torsten actually snapped the images using the scope and SBIG CCD Camera and Dietmar did the stacking and other processing using the listed software