Posted: Feb 07, 2018 1:21 am
by Macdoc
This live feed waiting for the burn is twisting my head - I'm watching

I have a hard comprehending I’m watching a dummy in a Tesla roadster from the rocket that will launch it on a million year orbit around the sun….


BTW those two boosters they got back ....were retreads !!

The side boosters landed, touching down at LZ-1 and LZ-2 at Kennedy Air Force Station, the designated landing pads SpaceX uses to recover its reusable rockets. But the core, middle booster, which attempted to land aboard “Of Course I Still Love You,” a drone barge that SpaceX uses as a mobile, ocean-borne landing pad stationed in the Atlantic for its flights departing from Florida, wasn’t recovered.

That core booster approached the platform as planned, but it unfortunately hit the water going 300 MPH and was lost, because some of its return engines failed to light. Video feeds of the attempted landing cut out upon approach, and in the live stream SpaceX provided of the launch, you could hear someone say “We’ve lost the core” but it wasn’t clear whether that indicated just the feed, or the booster itself.

Still, two out of three first stages recovered is a tremendous achievement, which acts as not only a demonstration of SpaceX’s progress when it comes to making sure its boosters can return smoothly from their flights, but also a key new proof of concept regarding Elon Musk’s vision of reusable spaceflight. Eventually, Musk hopes to be able to turn rockets around in less than 24 hours and have reflown boosters go up twice in one day.