Posted: Dec 27, 2018 4:31 pm
by i have no avatar
This blog on the Planetary Society website says (5th paragraph):

Operations of the ISS will largely continue unaffected, as will the New Horizons flyby of 2014 MU69 ("Ultima Thule")—though NASA's public relations team will be absent. John Hopkins' Applied Physics Laboratory, which manages New Horizons for NASA, will still cover and publicize the flyby.

Good news that the mission will be mostly unaffected and the post seems to confirm the Brian May tweet below (no NASA coverage). Hopefully, the JHAPL's coverage will be similar. The link to the coverage is given in the link in the quote (in the December 27th update at the top). Here is the direct link as given.

And, as stated in a previous post, the light curve is really strange. If it is a halo of objects around 2014 MU69, I hope they are flying by well out of range. In an S&T blog by Stern, the all clear has been given at the flyby distance of 3500 km, I hope that they are right, as it wouldn't take much at 32000 km/s.