Posted: Jun 24, 2019 11:46 pm
by Spearthrower
newolder wrote:Shuffling in the dark is easy; sorting into suit order needs the energy of illumination.

But we've already flogged this dead horse earlier in the topic and agreed that card pack order has little, if any, connection to entropy. :yawn:

Right, its connection is metaphorical, not factual. Card values don't possess any intrinsic energy property in order for them to bein a gradient; it's only values we assign that are completely independent of anything to do with any aspect of the card.

Metaphorically, there's only one way for a deck of cards to be ordered and - I can't do math so - shitloads of ways for it to be not ordered (according to the values we assign)... so in that metaphor, the ordered deck has the higher (maximal?) entropy, there is no other way for it to move from that state. Basically, it's the glass of ice and the glass of water metaphor.