Posted: Jun 25, 2019 2:56 am
by Spearthrower
romansh wrote:
A pack of cards in of itself has an entropy whether sorted or random.

The pack of cards might as physical objects, but the values on the cards don't.

romansh wrote:A system of a pack of cards and a shuffler or sorter also have an entropy. The sorter can do work and sort the cards and the system's entropy will increase. Or the shuffler can do work and shuffle the cards and the system's entropy will increase. We could argue, possibly quite accurately, that it takes more work to sort. But then the shuffler can continue shuffling until the same amount of work was done.

Then it's nothing to do with the cards themselves because there's no actual system connected to them aside from a manufactured value - they could all be blank. It's the person who is performing some task that might have the quantity of entropy, not the cards' order or their values.

romansh wrote:In what way will the entropy of the cards be lower for the sorted pack?

As I said, there's a metaphorical idea here, but there's no actual entropy involved with the sorted or unsorted pack.

Ask it another way: what's the energy gradient inherent in the system of a deck of cards? Where's the disequilibrium?