Posted: Feb 14, 2020 11:20 am
by Hermit
Ironclad wrote:Night before last I watched seven bright objects following one another, they appeared to be in low-Earth orbit and nearly perfect in dispersal.

Near an airport?

Driving down very slowly in heavy traffic on Edgeware Road, Enmore one stinking hot evening after work I saw something like that. In my truck I sat about a metre higher than everybody else, so I got a beautiful view of the everything bathed in a rich, golden glow as the sun was about to set. Above and ahead of me was a a series of regularly spaced out icy cold lights shining like diamonds on an invisible string, slowly descending into the distance. I could see five or six of them at a time. Every time one disappeared, another came into view from above my cab. They were aeroplanes approaching Kingsford Smith Airport during its rush-hour. Later I found out that they had to keep a 1600 metre distance from each other in order to avoid the turbulence of the plane they were following as they land.

It was an unspeakably beautiful couple of minutes. Unfortunately the year was 1995 or thereabouts. Digital cameras were yet to become common consumer items and mobile phones were not equipped to take photos or film.

Oh. Newolder has the real story about those lights, but thanks for reminding be of a beautiful moment anyway.