Posted: Jun 13, 2020 6:22 pm
by Macdoc
Partner is retiring soon and is a space junkie. The sky out on the table lands can be spectacular away from the city loom.
( I got a first hand glimpse 40 km out on the barrier reef with clear skies and a meteor shower from Halley debris .... life time experience ).

At this point it is purely "look at" ...not astrophotograhy ....she's an experienced off shore sailor so astro-navigation not a mystery.

Since we need to drive to dark sky ( 1/2 hour ) it needs to be physically small enough for one person to move and assemble tho I suspect most often would be two people.

Have a Honda CRV for transport.

There is a used


Celestron CPC 8" XLT Computerized Scope w/ accessories, rarely used and like new

for $1900 cdn ask with lots of accessories including a battery booster pack.

Now this image is put up as an example andI know it's pretty fine telescope.


What would that look like observing instead of photographing??

Review here is good but the scope itself weighs 42 lb. That's edgy but doable ... 0xlt-r1526

The step down to the 6" series reduces weight and cost but quite a penalty for capture. ... pe-review/

Open for other suggestions with the idea that deep space objects be accessible by eye .

We were looking at some Meade models as well. :popcorn: