Posted: Jan 09, 2022 10:52 pm
by TopCat
Macdoc wrote:The change in technology over the 30 years this was in development was astonishing and I guess at this point perhaps the delays and overruns can be considered worthwhile. :cheers:

Delays and overruns are what happen when a complex project runs into the inevitable unexpected hitches and the management don't cut corners as a result, to save face, and cut and run with a big fat bonus.

The tech is amazing, but what has really impressed me is that the complex project management, with all the bean counters and administrators who must surely be involved, has not managed to scupper the whole damn thing.

I'm sure we've all read and watched Feynman's involvement in the Challenger investigation. And bemoaned the original Hubble debacle.

That history hasn't - so far at least - repeated itself, is quite remarkable to me.