Posted: Jan 21, 2022 6:06 pm
by hackenslash
The_Piper wrote:
BlackBart wrote:
The_Piper wrote:We invented cows 10,000 years ago and never looked back. :mrgreen:

Named after their inventor, Sir Reginald Cow. True fact.

That's still disputed. I've seen it claimed that Isaac L. Dung had a hand in it. :dopey:

Pretty sure that's an urban myth stemming from the fact that he was founding editor of the International Journal of Bovine Coprolitics. His own field of study was, as you're no doubt aware, ballistic scatography, though he also made important contributions to political science, predicting the rise of a world-class bullshitter in politics manty decades prior to the elevation of Boris Johnson. Further, some suggest that his elucidation of the relationship between ballistic scatology and bioorganic methane production was the inspiration for Werner von Braun, meaning that the current mission relates directly back to him.

He also laid the foundations for bovine orbital mechanics, and his theoretical work underpins all the iterations of the gedanken involving spherical cows in a vacuum.

In fact, in a little-known letter published in Phil. Trans. B and subsequently lost (some suggest Hooke destroyed it to piss off Newton), he acknowledged that all his early work was derivative, though he neither denied nor confirmed whether Cow was the originator.