Posted: Oct 29, 2011 8:50 pm
by Lion IRC
Regina wrote:
Lion IRC wrote:we are talking about translation as a method of giving meaning to a word you dont recognise.

No, we are talking about words that cannot be translated into English, or other languages. Read the OP and Katja's post.
Also, it works both ways, of course. There are English words that cannot be translated.

Nope - wrong! It doesnt work "both ways". It doesnt even work "one way".

Take two infants.
Raise one of them in a home where that (supposedly) untranslatable English word is used.
Raise the other in the house next door where that word is never used.

Now suppose the two children meet for the first time one day out front of their homes. What will happen when the first child uses that word? The same thing that humans have been doing since we developed language - they will communicate meaning.

"Untranslatable word" is an oxymoron. A word you cant translate is not a word.