Posted: Oct 02, 2012 7:10 am
by zulumoose
I think you are battling because you are the rare sort of person who has an affinity for other languages, and do not realise how much of a minority position that is.

What the parents want does not always reflect reality, as I tried to show with the Shakespeare example. Time spent on Shakespeare, reaching very few kids and causing more resentment than anything, is time that would be better spent on more modern literature, unless the students are actually interested, NOT the parents.

The same is true of languages. Who wants to be placed in an immersion school based on a dying language that only 2% of the population manage to find a use for? The parents might have some sort of idea that their children will benefit from culture and history and identity, but I suspect they will be doing them more of a disservice than anything. The kids are unlikely to want it, and may be hugely disadvantaged, as the world around them including the entirety of business, international travel, the bulk of the entertainment industry, science, and the resources of the internet are all in other languages, notably more English than others, a language that is already 100% available in Ireland.

Immersion in English, 100% beneficial and practical.
Immersion in Irish, arguably no benefit at all, impractical, and likely to be resented by many.