Posted: Oct 02, 2012 9:17 am
by Scot Dutchy
I'm With Stupid wrote:
Scot Dutchy wrote:
zulumoose wrote:Immersion in English, 100% beneficial and practical.
Immersion in Irish, arguably no benefit at all, impractical, and likely to be resented by many.

Yes that is a good summary. :thumbup:

It would be far better if the energy put into learning Irish would be put into another modern language like Manderin which in the future will be an important economic language.

I'd say it'd be better to put energy into learning a language that we already know is an important economic language, rather than guessing what might become so in the future. In the 80s, a lot of people said the same thing about Japanese as they do about Mandarin today. I'd say French and Spanish are still the better prospects, because they're already important economic languages, but are also spoken by vast numbers of people in emerging economies.

Maybe you are right. Anything is better than Irish.