Posted: Oct 02, 2012 9:26 am
by I'm With Stupid
Lol. I went to university in Wales, and a minority of Welsh-speakers were ridiculously aggressive. It wasn't enough that the university did most courses in both languages, the mere fact that they were doing any courses in English was somehow insulting to them. You'd see graffiti on stuff all the time basically calling for Welsh rather than English tuition. The real irony was that when someone did go to the effort to learn the language, they wouldn't speak to them. I knew someone who spend a year in the Welsh-speaking halls, and no-one would speak to her because she was from Newport, and had an English accent, despite the fact that she was fluent in Welsh. Having said all that, I had absolutely no problems with the stereotypical Welsh-speakers refusing to speak English to English people, so I think that's a myth, at least outside of up-themselves students desperate for a cause.