Posted: Nov 30, 2015 3:12 pm
by Arjan Dirkse
Animavore wrote:The only Polish I know, but don't know how to spell, is a tongue twister which means something like, "the table is wobbly". Polish people are often surprised at how easily I can say it, but it's not a tongue twister to me at all. I once wondered, somewhere on this very forum, if when you are born into a language does the structure of the language somehow trap you within it such that certain configurations of words cause a brain burp which may not affect those caught in other language structures (I hope I'm expressing that well).

Czechs have something similar, many have this kind of inferiority (or superiority?) complex about their own language which makes them think nobody who is not Czech can speak any Czech, simply because it's too difficult for foreigners and it's too obscure a language for anyone to bother with. :grin: