Posted: Jun 09, 2016 10:41 am
by Saim
tuco wrote:Since we are up .. well, if you speak Czech Polish is, after Slovak, probably the easiest language to handle. Czechs near border with Poland understand, and some speak, Polish readily (watch Polish TV for example).

Yeah, I remember a year ago when I was in the Czech Republic and Slovakia I was fluent in Serbian and had upper-intermediate knowledge of Polish and I had no trouble understanding people.

More recently I did a long Poland-Bosnia bus trip, passing through the Moravia and Slovakia. I remember I would by Czech and Slovak magazines at the gas stations and would go through it just as quickly as I would Polish magazines, with very little I didn't understand.

From business point of view I'd guess that Russian has more opportunities and future than Polish tho.

It really depends. Poland is a growing economy and few foreigners know the language, so the market isn't as saturated as with Russian. I'd say it's always good to have varied skills.

In my case though it doesn't matter because I'm a linguistics student and learn languages for the hell of it. I already know some Russian and I'm confident if I were motivated to learn it I could get to B1 level after a couple of months, and if I lived in a Russian-speaking country I'd pick it up even faster. The same is true of any Slavic language. The only problem when you're a language lover is to not get bored by how similar everything is. :P