Posted: Jan 14, 2018 6:45 pm
by pelfdaddy
Yes, I am referring to the biological/embryological explanation for the presence of nipples on males. I think it is a bizarre blind spot in the minds of creationists, to begin with. I also wonder exactly how evolution accounts for it, even knowing that it must do so more satisfactorily than special creation.

And although I could look it up somewhere, I rather enjoy the sorts of explanations I find here in the lifeboat, and prefer to start a conversation rather than just do my own separate research. Of course, if you guys think that's just too fucking lazy, then consider me properly chastised.

Diversions, tangents, joking comments, all are welcome. You are even free to criticize me for not googling, along with all other individuals who don't just google. You are free to comment on my ignorance, invoke your credentials as a liberal by telling me there is no difference between the sexes, or even complain "you can't say that". You can suggest that in Europe you don't have tits on boys--only in America where ignorance flourishes--or you can earn my gratitude by displaying your brain power with a really good discussion of the topic.

All the above are welcome. Entirely welcome.