Posted: Apr 08, 2018 5:46 pm
by Rumraket
Sendraks wrote:The core problem of racism is the refusal to accept that black people and white people are one and the same species. The whole point things like Black History month and Black Lives matter, is to make that point.

I think some racists accept that we are the same species, yet still deny other races than their own the same rights.

Sendraks wrote:That they should enjoy the same status in society as white people do.

They should enjoy the same status, rights and opportunity in society regardless of any purported differences in the distributions of certain alleles.

Even if some group-differences turn out to be real that SHOULD NOT serve as a justification for discrimination or inequality of rights. Because we already affirm equal rights to people who differ within the same "group".

To pick an example, there is a distribution of heights no matter how you wish to define certain groups. Within any such defined group, there is going to be inequality in performance and appearance of all sorts. Tallness, how hairy you are, left-vs-right handed and so on. We just aren't identical. Even so, we still think we should all have equal rights despite our knowledge that we aren't clones.

In an ironic way, when some anti-racists seek to abolish racist ideologies by denying purported racial differences between certain human ethno-groups, they could almost inadvertently be thought of giving support to racists by implying that if the differences really were real, then racism would have a moral justification.

But racism DOESN'T have a moral justification even IF there are measurable differences among however-you-wish-to-delineate ethnogroups.

The case against racism SHOULD NOT rest on a denial of the reality of certain biological distributions in alleles associated with whatever cognitive or mophological traits racists find to be all-important.