Posted: Apr 09, 2018 4:06 pm
by The_Piper
Papa Smurf wrote:
Sendraks wrote:Take a load of white europeans to Africa, ensure that they live mostly outdoors (rather than in nicely air conditioned houses) and within a few generations their offspring will be noticeably darker skinned.

Seems to me that would only be true if dark skin would be selected for by those with lighter skin dying of skin cancer. If sunscreen gets used properly (or more in general if medical care keeps them alive until after they have reproduced) they would stay white as lilies :grin:

Or is it possible that extensive exposure to sun activates previously inactive genes in an individual and this gets passed on genetically through sperm?

I think the lighter/darker skin color difference has to do with vitamin d uptake. Lighter skin absorbs more. Maybe taking vitamin d capsules negates that selection pressure now. My point about our distantly future generations surely evolving into a different order of mammals might also be negated by man-made factors.