Posted: Jun 16, 2018 2:38 pm
by Macdoc
For non-dairy cows...yes they could re--wild but dairy cows must be milked or they die quickly.
Beef cattle re-wilds quickly ....reading about the bull catchers in outback Australia is very interesting as a couple of generations can go by before they are brought to market and they are definitely wild animals at that point.

There are lots that can do well, camels in the wild in Australia are now exported to Arabia as the wild stock is stronger, domesticated water buffalo are thriving ( and bloody dangerous ) in tropical Australia.

Even chickens might survive but wing to weight dictates against it.
Dogs just go feral and eat each other....cats ditto...never really domesticated in the first place.

Many wild animals like foxes and coyotes and raccoons are actually thriving urban or ex-urban environments.