Posted: Sep 12, 2018 9:00 pm
by truelgbt
What is this question about? Manboobs?

Scientifically and off the top of my head if I remember correctly, man-nipples have several purposes and things in common with woman-nipples:
1) On both genders it is erectile tissue - yes, you heard that. When a man or woman gets sexually stimulated, they perk up.
2) On both genders nipples are located in what are called erogenous zones - skin zones where rubbing or touching these areas cause sexual stimulation.
3) Visually, mates tend to attract each other partly through similar appearances. Since both genders have similar appearing chest regions with nipples, we tend to attract each other. Studies show that the longest-lasting marriages are often between mates who look alike. This would imply that if a woman saw a man without nipples, this would be a negative thing in her mind.

All joking aside, these are all very good reasons for men to have nipples if you ask me!