Posted: Oct 15, 2018 9:09 pm
by Rumraket
scherado wrote:When I'm asked the question, "Do you think humans share a common ancestor with gorillas...?, I'm reminded that several more fundamental questions need to be answered with respect to the mechanism of inheritance. Here I refer to the well-known method of the propagation of genes as "mechanism of inheritance." Obviously.

So what do you think is missing from what we know about the propagation of genes in order to be able infer the common descent of humans and gorillas?

I'm not aware that this branching of humans and gorillas from a common ancestor is required to have involved any unusual genetic phenomena not routinely observed to take place during meiosis and mitosis. Can you think of any genetic differences between humans and gorillas that somehow defy our knowledge of how cells replicate their genomes and recombine them during sexual reproduction?

And I'd be interested to know if you understood the article linked in the previous post.