Posted: Oct 21, 2018 11:45 pm
by Just A Theory
scherado wrote:
Cito di Pense wrote:
scherado wrote:
Idiot, you haven't addressed my statement in your response.

So you say, but you won't get away with it. My advice is to stick with "knucklehead".

scherado wrote:The referent "traits" in my statement quoted in this post means what? It means anything and everything that is inherited by a newborn baby

Some stuff is inherited, some stuff is recombined, some stuff is mutated, ...

I have been clear in referring to what's passed to the newborn through the well-understood process of human propagation, but only that which is a result of two set of genes interacting. You can flap and flail your arms as much as you want about other processes, but I won't join you.

You may make your next attempt.

Let me lay this out as simply as I know how:

  • There exists a set of molecules which can catalyse their own replication either directly or indirectly via enzyme intermediates. Such molecules are the [deoxy]ribonucleic acids and possibly more ancient precursors as have been described in the literature by Gerald Joyce (amongst others)
  • Such molecules replicate imperfectly (as Theropod has already pointed out
  • The imperfect replications lead to daughter molecules which are better (sometimes), the same as (quite often) or worse at performing the same replication as their parent molecule
  • Over time due to the accumulation of such mutations, molecules change in their ability to replicate
  • If such changes coincide with an increased ability to replicate in their current environment then the change prospers and the molecule generates many copies. The opposite case also obtains

That's it. That's the inheritance mechanism. QED.

If you want to understand how self-replicating molecules came about then we have to discuss abiogenesis and the question is, at best, partially answered at this time.