Posted: Oct 29, 2018 7:44 pm
by Blackadder
laklak wrote:Paw Paw allus tol us don't never trust no Yankee, but I meeted some in the Army and they was nice fellers, but you know what? They ain't got but ONE maw and ONE paw. Hellfire, they's all of 'em practically orphans. Ain't got no Uncle Daddys nor Sister Mommas nor Cousin Aunts nor nothin. Ain't no wonder they's all a mite squirrelly. Don't know grits from pone neither. I feels sorry for 'em, weren't none raised right. They can have a family reunion in just ONE doublewide. Caint happen her, I'm kin to near ever body up'n this holler an' the next two overways.

Billy-Bob, is thait you? Whach ya doin' talkin' with all these strangers here? You know aint nothin' good ever came from mixin' with them book readin' folks. They got all kindsa ideas that'll mess up your head, Billy-Bob. You git yourself back to the farm, y'hear me now?

Dang! That boy needs a good whupping, momma, you mark my words.