Posted: Jun 10, 2019 7:49 pm
by bil345durham!
Ok. Here's my rational skeptical take on the whole situation. I have watched every documentary on these cute, lively girls that has ever been made. I wish the best for them (only, always) and think they have more courage, determination, and drive than most of us who walk around like fuzzy zombies and think the world owes us a living. Nothing but good things to say about them. No mean-spiritedness here.

But, here's my comment. I have noticed in the documentaries that each will sometimes say the same sentence, word for word, simultaneously. Sometimes, one will start a sentence and they both will finish it simultaneously. This tells me that, despite their denials to the contrary (which I have ultimate sympathy for) and despite it being "politically incorrect", that on SOME LEVEL their brains are working as ONE. That tells me that they are either: 1) sharing thoughts, 2) one of them is dominating the thought process and probably dominating everything and controlling both mouths, at least some of the time, or 3) really freaky coincidences have happened multiple times in multiple documentaries.

I know the twins claim to be completely separate individuals with separate this, that, and the other, and I fully respect that and would never question or challenge it. I think the girls are amazing to a level that most of us will never attain. They maintain a positive spirit and can-do attitude in the face of an incredible challenge that would cause most of us to collapse in defeat. They are, in a word, amazing.

BUT, it doesn't change the fact that AT LEAST SOME OF THE TIME they are either sharing the same thought (EXACTLY, word for word), or MORE LIKELY one of them is controlling the whole being.

I suspect there is a dominant twin who can SOME OF THE TIME, at least, take control of the whole person. I'm NOT SAYING this is always the case. I think thought sharing is far less likely, almost mystical in nature.

Any other opinions on this?

Sorry, I'm a skeptical rationalist, so your mamsy-pamsy BS about them thinking alike because they are conjoined for all time is not going to fly with me to explain SO MANY instances of simultaneous sentences and finishing of sentences, word for word. Not going to accept any mamsy pamsy answers here. Be rational, please!